Moulin Chaise Dieue - our Normandy Troutmaster Water

The Moulin started life as a 19th century flour mill on  the river Iton in the grounds of a local Abbey estate.  But over the last 30 years the owner has created a wonderful complex of 5 lakes in varying configurations, fed by the river Iton and a local spring source.

In 2005, Chaise Dieue became France’s first TROUTMASTER WATER and has quickly gained a reputation as a first class venue for UK fly fishermen.

The mill race still functions and pumps the river through the system, enlivening the waters and encouraging the fish to action. Because at this stage of its journey the Iton is ‘category 2 ‘ - that means  it’s a coarse river (trout rivers are category 1) the waters can become somewhat coloured after heavy rainfall.  But that doesn’t inhibit the action.

The upside is category 2 rivers are open all year, so the 3 kms of double bank feeders that serpentine the estate add another dimension to the season’s fishing  opportunities.

Stocking levels are high and the species varied: Browns, Rainbows, Blues, Goldens, Brookies and Saumon de Fontaine. The fighting qualities are excellent, especially amongst average weight fish (3.5lbs) - bigger ones have a dour bullishness that often results in a line breaker for the unaware.  Fishery rainbox trout record stands at 16lbs 8oz.

Despite its tendency to colour, top of the water sport is excellent. Decent visibility in the top 2 to 3 feet make it good for dries or nymphing. Even in the dog days of summer, the lake’s powerful outflows produce oxygenated water and moving food sources, inducing plenty of action inthe resulting pools. And if all else fails, you can always get into the deeper areas and strip a lure.  But at least 95% of your time is spent fishing on a  floating line.

The clubhouse is a lovely converted barn offering a fully stocked bar, 2 dining rooms, wash room, wc, catch fridges, tackle and flies (Fulling Mill) There are barbecues facilities and communal picnic tables for you to enjoy a glass of wine with your meal and swap fishing stories with local anglers. Lunch time salads can be pre- ordered at the bar.

Rules: Fly Only. Catch and return (or keep 3 kilos of fish). Automatic entrance to Chaise Dieue’s monthly Troutmaster competition. French permit included in the package.

Read a review of Moulin Chaise Dieue in Trout Fisherman magazine (March 2006 issue).

'Troutmasters' Group Package (based on 4 or more anglers)

• 5 nights accommodation at the Coach House (bed linen and electricity included) > View the accommodation
• 3 days fishing at Moulin Chaise Dieue - France's only Troutmasters lake

Price: £295 Per Angler (all year)

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